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About Us

The MAC serves as a local voice in the federal debate about the transformation of the U.S. manufacturing industry. We work to preserve jobs and economic vitality in communities that depend upon the U.S. manufacturing sector.
What We Do
  • Collaboration with Key Partners

    MAC will continue to collaborate on our goals with key stakeholders, including advocates for American manufacuring, green manufacturing and green jobs organizations, nonprofits, phianthropic organizations, the RACER Trust, and federal agencies.

  • NLC/MAC Partnership

    The MAC and the National League of Cities (NLC) launched a new Manufacturing Initiative in March 2016 at the NLC Congressional City Conference in Washington, DC. Together, MAC and NLC will: (1) Highlight the need for communities to maintain and attract manufacturing investment and jobs to promote a diversified local economy; (2) Promote advanced manufacturing to ensure that the manufacturing “pie” continues to grow as a percentage of the nation’s GDP and that all regions can share in the manufacturing economy; (3) Pursue funding for, and conduct research on, best practices for promoting growth in advanced industries in metropolitan regions; and (4) Ensure that manufacturing legislation and initiatives, such as federal grants and technical assistance, continue to be high on the agenda of the Executive and Legislative Branches.

  • Monthly Conference Calls

    On the second Monday of each month at 2:00 p.m. EST, MAC holds monthly conference calls that convene manufacturing community leaders with key experts and stakeholders including federal agency officials, congressional officials, industry leaders, national coalitions and associations, and other influence leaders. The MAC monthly conference calls are open to all MAC members, MAC corporate sponsors and MAC government allies.

  • Technical Assistance, Roundtables, Workshops and Meetings for Manufacturing Communities

    MAC provides technical assistance, guidance and advocacy services to individual local government members of the MAC, including connecting them to key federal officials, fostering their partnerships with private sector leaders, and providing technical review of proposals for community revitalization. This technical assistance focuses on helping localities pursue opportunities for grants, infrastructure funding and other resources. MAC also continues to hold roundtables in local communities across the nation, as well as other meetings including policy summits, Washington advocacy fly-ins, peer networking events and other meetings to serve local communities, build the alliance, advocacy for federal support, and pursue our policy agenda.

The MAC is composed of local government elected officials including Mayors, County Executives, and Township leaders, and appointed local government officials including City Managers and Economic Development Directors. The MAC was founded by a group of activist mayors from around the nation in 2008 in response to the crisis in the domestic automotive manufacturing industry who believed strongly that the voice of local governments was missing from the debate. This same message now applied to all manufacturing communities remains the same.

Policy Objectives


MAC supports the “Made in America Manufacturing Communities Act of 2015,” which codifies the Improving Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) program.


Manufacturing cannot thrive without solid, modern infrastructure. MAC continues to advocate Congress and the Administration to re-invest in infrastructure to spur immediate jobs and foster long-term economic growth and resiliency.

Buy Local, Buy American

MAC continues to support the public sector movement to boost American manufacturing by making sure that government purchasing policies and practices are committed to “Buy Local & Buy American.”


The U.S. EPA Brownfields Program has a proven track record of supporting community revitalization for new manufacturing enterprise. MAC continues to support the Program and advocates for its expansion.

Economic Development Funding

MAC supports additional funding for Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant programs to enhance manufacturing jobs and the infrastructure needed to support manufacturing.

Manufacturing Innovation Institutes

MAC supports the Administration’s work to establish 50 “Manufacturing Innovation Institutes” across the country to support local and regional collaboration to develop and expand advance manufacturing technologies and processes.

Job Training

U.S. manufacturing needs a strong technical workforce. MAC supports increased federal funding for effective workforce development programs to ensure manufacturers have the workforce they need to stay globally competitive.

Presidential Transition

MAC is working with its key partners to ensure that the next Administration understands the needs of America’s manufacturing communities.


Our Team

Bill Hanka
Bill Hanka
Federal Director
Matt Ward
Matt Ward
Policy Director
Steph Missert
Steph Missert
Coalition Coordinator

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On behalf of local communities across America, we invite your locality to join the Manufacturing Alliance of Communities in order to preserve jobs & economic viability in communities that depend upon the U.S. manufacturing sector. If you are interested in joining the MAC, or would like more information, send us a message!